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Framing Services

Providing Everything You Need

JamArt is the Artists and community frame store that provides top class quality custom framing at affordable prices. We value our customers' desires and our commitment is to help make the right choices for a perfect framing. Our goal is to make sure our customers are fully  satisfied with the finished products.

As Artists ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be for fellow Artists to frame your Artworks. Expensive framing is not necessarily what makes the Art valuable. We provide a wide range of high quality framing materials. We use archival framing, which is also known as conservation or preservation framing to ensure that our customers prized treasure is well protected from acidic damage.

When framing an item, it can be difficult sometimes to see how it will appear completed, so we provide a solution by displaying professionally framed pieces on our walls. This will give our customers a visual idea on how the finished product will appear.


At JamArt the sky is the limit in what we can do for our customers. We make every effort to be sure our customers are satisfied.

All our framing is done on location by experienced, professional framers.


Services include: canvas stretching,

needle-point stretching, shadow boxes, floater frames, framing of memorabilia, diplomas, certificates, photographs, all styles of Artworks, 3-dementional items.



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